QYSEA Fifish V6S with Industrial Case and Thruster Protectors


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Extend Your Reach And Increase Your Capability

Fully powered robotic arm

Increased battery capacity (60% more power than the V6)

Dive up to 6 hours in a single dive (Depending on different working modes)

The V6s Combines ALL Of The Award Winning Features Of The V6 With A Substantial
Upgrade In Battery Capacity And The Addition Of A Full Functioning Robotic Arm

High Quality, Increased Capacity, Longer Life

The V6s is powered by Premium Panasonic batteries that enable extended dive times of up to 6 hours and reduce down time with a safe and quick charge

Small In Size, Strong In Force, Flexible In Operation

100N clamping force, with clamp lock function

100N towing force

Superior Towing Capacity Redefines The Operational Concepts Of Compact ROVs

Drag, drop, tow, and salvage objects with neutrally buoyant robotic arm and cables

In the box

FIFISH V6S ROV w Powered Robotic Arm
Embedded 64GB SD Card
Remote Control and Power Adaptors for RC and V6
Immersive VR Goggles &
V6s Thruster Protectors
Industrial Roller Case w Foam Fitted Insert
100m Tether with Tether Spool
V6s Shipped INSIDE Industrial Case

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