Autel Robotics EVO II 640T

The Autel Robotics EVO II 640T is the new radiometric generation of the EVO II Thermal Solution Series. The 640T combines a 8K camera with 640x512 thermal resolution for incredible accuracy and detail.

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DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

Powerful thermal and visual sensors, highly accurate RTK technology and a 32 X Digital zoom make the new addition to DJI's commercial fleet the most capable in its class.

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Teal Golden Eagle

The first drone mass produced entirely in the US, with DoD compliant components. Versatile, secure, quiet, and packs onboard computing and a state of the art FLIR EO/IR payload.

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Skycopter Cobra

Cobra provides an innovative approach to indoor inspections with flexible payload options including gas, thermal, and radiation detection.

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Inspired Flight Heavy Lift Drones

Designed for the most demanding of applications. Made in the USA.

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Empire Drone is one of North America's fastest growing distributors and integrators for unmanned aerial systems. We are 100% committed to our client experience through a multi-faceted approach. We offer end-to-end enterprise drone program support including; enterprise sales, training, maintenance, repairs, and leasing while providing industry-leading service & support resources to implement and maintain a successful drone program. Our experienced and diverse team of specialists ensures your success in scaling a safe and successful drone mission every step of the way.

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Drone Boost in Minnesota Following Pandemic

Drone Boost in Minnesota Following Pandemic

Drone popularity has been increasing across the board with continued advances in the technology and use cases. Drones can range from the size of a deck of cards to being able to carry a 500 pound load. So far this year, 3.5 million hobby drones have already been sold in addition to the 2+ million larger drones registered with the FAA.

5 NDVI Mapping Tips

5 NDVI Mapping Tips


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) was created back in 1973 by a Texas A&M research team after studying data from some of the earliest Earth Observation (EO) satellites. NDVI is one of the most popular vegetation indices and acts as a valuable method to understand vegetation health and land use remotely. NDVI is helpful in applications from helping farmers with precision agriculture to allowing conservationists to understand ecosystem changes.

Drone Inspections for Civil Infrastructure

Drone Inspections for Civil Infrastructure


Inspections can be complicated tasks that need to be completed regularly. With the rise of autonomous drone technology, inspections are becoming safer, quicker and more precise, plus they support the monitoring of infrastructural changes over time.