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FIFISH PRO V6 is an Industrial-Grade underwater ROV platform, depth rating 350 meter, equipped with the new patented 6 Q-motor system, more battery capacity saving, stronger power, more stable fight-current performance. Innovative modular interfaces which enable the rapid replacement of parts or the switching of accessories with different functions and executing various task efficiently and precisely.

5 Q-Interface For Payload Integration

W6 is a real ROV platform which can be customized for various industrial specific applications. W6 integrates 5 Q-interfaces for payload integration. It is easier for developers to develop their own dedicated accessory. Due to this design, it realizes the unity control of software and hardware, enrich the functions of underwater operations, and expand the application of underwater robot to the broader field.

Station Lock 

“Station Lock” algorithm can lock the ROV's position underwater, which can keep the position without drift in the complicated water environment. With it, the W6 can execute the extremely stable required inspection and operations. 

Imaging Sonar

FIFISH PRO W6 Underwater ROV platform can add-on 2D/3D image sonar to perform the inspection under dark and turbid water environment. W6 Modular design makes it possible to keep the fluid surface performance after add-on accessory. Keeping the highly stable operation efficiently.

Removable Battery Quickly Exchange And Use

Standard 388Wh removable battery which can be replaced at any time can perform long-time underwater operations, and the battery supports quick charging mode, which can be charged 70% in one hour.

Innovative Dual 4K Camera System, Dual Camera Work Coordination

W6 4K ultra-high-definition dual camera system provides a wider field of view, realizes the coordination of operation monitoring and motion observation, and provides operators with a complete picture of the surrounding environment.

Dual Camera System

Pixels: 12MP
Video resolution: 4K UHD
Signal Format: PAL and NTSC
Lens: Wide Field-of-View
Vertical FOV: 100°
Horizontal FOV: 166°
ISO: 6400 (max)
Underwater Light: 12,000 Lumens

In The Box

1 * ROV, depth rating 350m, speed 4 knot (2m/s)
2 * 4K camera
2 * LED 6000 Lumen
6 * patent Q-motor, fully sealer, corrosion resistant
3 * Multiple Q-Interfaces for Accessory
1 * Remote controller
1 * VR head tracking
2 * Industrial case
1 * Robotic arm (350m)
1* Laser scaler
1 * 300m tether with reel
1 * 388Wh battery+adaptor

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