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FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS is an expert in underwater advanced solution. Diving up to 500-  feet, V6 Plus adopts the new patented Q-motor stabilization system. V6 Plus is upgraded to the underwater intelligent system. More powerful in functions and simple in operation, FIFISH V6 Plus creates a new way of underwater operations.

Underwater Quick Positioning System

FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS underwater quick positioning system (U-QPS) assists the pilot with the real-time location.

Omni Directional Movement, Free As You Go

FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS has 6 degrees of freedom. Free like a fish, V6 Plus moves in all directions: 360° rotation, lateral and tilt. When moving in any direction, the Posture lock can ensure the angle of the drone.

4K Low Noise Shooting, 6000 Lumens High Brightness

6000 lumens super light, equipped with 4K ultra-high-definition camera lens, dark underwater bright as day, presenting high-definition image content.

Interface Expansion, Unlimited Expansion

The open hardware interface is matched with the excellent conformal accessory bracket design, which can quickly mount the equipment according to the demand, and realize the rapid switching of multiple scenarios and multiple tasks.

In The Box

1* ROV, 150m depth rating, 156WH internal
2* LED 3000 Lumen
1* Forward Distance sonar
1* Downward Distance Sonar
1* AR Laser scaler
1* Aluminum propeller (1set/6pcs)
1* SD card socket (Max 128GB Memory)
1* Multiple Q-Interfaces for Accessory
1* Remote controller
1* 200m tether with reel
1* VR head tracking with complementary VR box
1* Q-Interfaces for Accessory
1* Industrial case

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