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Empire Drone was founded on the unrelenting goal of providing our clients with the best the drone industry has to offer. It's a lot of work but worth it, and we are proud of the our great client experience and feedback.
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Great product

Solid experience with empire drone team, great customer service and product as advertised.

Awesome case, but one complaint.

The case is great and fits the drone and its accessories great, with one exception. The foam insert doesn't fit the upgraded remote with the screen. The space for the remote is just too narrow to fit the advanced remote so now I'm going to have to cut into the foam to make it fit. Outside of this issue, I am very pleased.

Awesome Case

Great case for all my DJI mini2 accessories.

Fantastic Addition to my Lifthor Baldur Mount!

This is a great addition to my Baldur mount so I can easily use my TriplTek 1200 nit display. Empire Drone customer service is second to none with fast shipping and a great product selection. I will go to them first next time I need something for my DJI Mavic Air 2 or Mini 2 drones!

Great Case with a Well Thought Out Interior!

Thanks again John and Sean for a great piece of gear. You thought through the design of this case literally from the inside out :-) Well done!

It is OEM

Fast shipping and OEM

Love the service

I just ordererd a simple gimbal cover but for me that thing is invaluable. They provided a fast shipping and they even included me a super nice langyard

LifThor Mjølnir EVO Tablet Holder Combo

Awesome thank you

Awesome thanks

Fast Shipping

Happy with how fast it arrived and it's super bright. A must have!

Works as advertised, folks. Get this strobe!

Having watchd the various video clips of persons using and describing the Lifthor, I bought one. Using a Mini iPad 5 as my screen, the set up is perfect. Well balanced, light and very durable. The grip on my iPad Mini is impressive with the locking system you can use.

Over-all I am very pleased with the performance of my lifthor Tablet Holder for my Evo Controller.

Great Service!

Superb company to order from. I’ve just received 4 Firehouse Arc V Strobe Lights, for my Mavic Air 2. Very prompt, and efficient delivery. Product, and packaging was faultless!

Many thanks! 😊👍

Autel Robotics EVO II Propellers, Low-Noise (Pair)

Amazing Case

Thank you Empire Drone and GPC Cases for creating this amazing case to carry all my Autel Evo 2 Pro 6k gear. The fit and function are spot on. This definitely should be the one and only case for all your accessories.

Autel Tablet holder

Works great. Even with otter box cover.

Great tablet for drone use

Excellent and bright tablet perfect for flying my Autel EVO II Pro 6K drone. I also appreciate the fast shipping from Empire Drone! 

Ipad Controller mount for evo pro2, solid, professional, But way overpriced

Ipad Controller mount for evo pro2, solid, professional, But way overpriced. Because this company is the only I know that makes this mount for the iPad to fit the evo controller, it is at least twice the price it should be, although it is rock solid, and sexy, I had to get it. If there was a mid priced 1 that was lighter I would get it instead.

Awesome Product!

Well engineered Product. Only complaint...ports are a little hard to access and lanyard partially blocks control display. 👍👍👍

Great service and products

I have ordered 2 Lifthor tablet holders from Empire, a tablet holder for Mavic Air 2 and my Mavic 2 Pro.I have owned other tablet holders without much success in the tablet holder actually holding the tablet in place, these LifThor tablet holders are worth every penny.

Tripltek 7" Pro

What I really like about this tablet is it's very fast to boot up and for daily use. Yes; the screen is bright enough in the sunlight for my over 60 eyes when I max out the brightness level. No other tablet or phone I have can do that. The weight is noticable I guess but not an issue for me personally. I find the Lifthor mount with regular tablet holder fits this Tripltek tablet perfectly so no need to buy another separate mount unless I want to mount it on a tripod which I may do for long flight days. Yes, the price is a bit steep, but this thing should be good well into the future. Maybe long after I stop flying.

Clear View

So much better flying now , no more squinting to see what I am doing, makes flying even more fun 🤩

Solid tablet holder

Well machined/ built unit- easy to assemble

though its a very thin cord- my only complaint it the lanyard being in front of the remote screen

Welcome addition to my drone kit

I have a MA2 and controlling via phone is a challenge due to the small screen and my fumble-fingers. The Tablet Holder Combo does an excellent job of holding my iPad and the controller in a reasonably ergonomic position and allows me to fly with greater accuracy. The balance is good (not top-heavy). As a YMMV, I’ve noticed that my radio range is increased a bit. My only nit is that with a ipad cover, the arms of the Tablet Holder aren't tight but have a >very< tiny wiggle. Not a safety issue nor usability problem.