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Empire Drone was founded on the unrelenting goal of providing our clients with the best the drone industry has to offer. It's a lot of work but worth it, and we are proud of the our great client experience and feedback.
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Great mounting solution

Best mounting solution i have found. It is even better than my Mavmount.

DJI Care Refresh 2-Year (Mini 2)
Elied Castro (United States)

How does it work?!?

Hi Elied,

Please refer to this page for information on how to activate an use DJI Care Refresh; https://www.dji.com/service/djicare-refresh/info

LifThor Mjølnir EVO Tablet Holder Combo
Paul Knabe (United States)
Evo 2 Tablet Mount

This product is awesome! Solid construction and works well with my tablet. Only downside is the cables are hard to plug in with controller mount.

Great Service

Ordered an Autel dual package. . Price, Service was great and I had a few questions which were answered promptly. Would highly recommend Empire ‼️

LifThor Baldur DJI Mavic Air 2/2S and DJI Mini 2 Tablet Holder

FoxFury D3060 Drone Light
Mitchell Nimmoor Jr (United States)
Fox fury lights for Evo 2

I purchased these two additional lights to attach to the harness for the Evo 2. I like the fact that you also get the option of mounting them on the aircraft other than using the harness. I would definitely recommend purchasing from Empire. The transaction was seamless and the product arrived earlier than expected.

My LifThor Tablet Holder Rules !!!!!!

I am very excited when it arrived, then the Box itself is astonishing. I couldn’t be happier, Great quality in Product, I trust it fully to support my IPad Pro, which was not cheap. So yeah, means a lot. Works as good as it Looks. IFLY4U is Ruling the air ways with more confidence and control. Thanks, signing off Bianca V.

StrapThor Pro Body Tripod
Adrian Hinds (Trinidad and Tobago)
Very nice fits well 🙂

I recently received my strap thor body tripod in the mail and I must say I don't regret purchasing this item its totally hands free and very comfortable. It gives you a professional look when you show up at a customer's location, depending on the job. I also purchased a quick release plate to go along with the tripod it's a must have item. I give that tripod a 5 star rating, thanks for making a great product 😊.

Colorado Drone Chargers Autel Robotics EVO II PRCS Elite
Chief pilot of Keystone Aerial Cam Ltd. (United States)
Colorado drone charger for Autel Evo 2 battery

I Loaded it with four Autel Evo batteries at ~50%. I was very pleased to see that all four were fully charged in less than an hour without becoming hot. I am very satisfied with the quality of the case and construction of the battery charging holders, ventilation system and connections. I recommend this system to any Autel Evo 2 operator.

Tripltek Mount for LifThor Baldur
Rick Britton (United States)

Tripltek Mount for LifThor Baldur

LifThor Sunhood for Drone Remote Controllers
Jeremy Saltman (United States)
Well designed and stable.

A very well designed and stable sun hood. Easy to install and remove. Performs and fits perfectly. Used with an iPad mini and Lifthor mount. Highly recommended.

Muy buen servicio y mejor comunicación.

Gracias por el trámite de envío tan efectivo. El producto llegó a tiempo y en perfecto estado. En definitiva Empire Drone es la alternativa correcta para comprar todo el lo relacionado a los SUAS.

DJI FPV Props Case
Joseph Daulton (United States)
Great case


StrapThor Pro Body Tripod
Rick Britton (United States)

StrapThor Pro Body Tripod

The name says it all

I hated to spend the money for this product when I found so many options for less money. However I use an iPad Pro when flying and the thought of going cheap vs a proven product outweighed the savings. This beast is light weight well made and gives you confidence it’s not going to fail.

A must

The perfect add-on to the amazing Lifthor Smart Controller support. Very easy to set and to use. I would not work without it. I can detach my 4K external monitor on the fly and move with my controller alone, when I need to do so. Great quality. Nice anodization. Recommended.

ConnecThor Drone Cables
Ed Rozanski (United States)
Mini 2 video cable

Hi all I wanted to give a quick thought on the connecthor drone cable. So the cable works great I made the mistake of ordering it with 90 degree ends,a streight usbc would have worked much better for the mini 2 controller that being said it still works just fine just a bit tough to get your fingers on to remove it . Shipping was fast and price was fair. I'm very happy with Empire drones service and product.

Shade for days

The LifThor Sunhood for my 12.9" iPad Pro is awesome! It provides the shading that I need in order to see my screen outside. It's easy to setup and takedown. It's made from high quality materials and seems like it'll last me a long time. The price is actually quite low for a hood big enough to fit an iPad as big as mine, so I was extremely pleased with its cost. I highly recommend this product to anyone considering purchasing it. Just get it, you won't regret it!

DJI FPV Props Case
Vincent S (United States)
Perfect case for DJI FPV combo

Everything fits like a glove. Bring one case to the field to fly, open it up and you have everything you need. Perfect!!!

TRIPLTEK 7" Pro 8GB Ultra-Bright Tablet
Cory Dwyer (United States)

TRIPLTEK 7" Pro 8GB Ultra-Bright Tablet

Excellent quality and efficiency

Really one of the best accessories you can get for your DJI Smart Controller. I use it on a tripod (or just with a lanyard around my neck) with a 4K external monitor. The setup is perfect. Packaging is very nice too and it comes with all the accessories you my need to fine tune your own setup. I would buy it again. Thank you!

TRIPLTEK 7" Pro 8GB Ultra-Bright Tablet
Kelly Bromley (United States)
Great tablet for drones...

Great tablet for drones super bright and can see full display in the brightest part of the day!!!

Tablet mount

The Lifthor mount for the Mavic mini 2 is excellent. Have another for my Pro 2.
Also excellent.

Autel Robotics Smart Controller
Richard Famiglietti (United States)
First time flyer


LifThor Mjølnir EVO Tablet Holder
Curtiss Johnson (United States)
Works Great

Works great. I like doing business with Empire Drone. Top notch outfit!