ThrowRaft TD2401 Standard

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On any vessel, space is a commodity and everything has its place. The TD2401 makes it easy to find a storage place. And with more room, you can have more ThrowRafts. And more ThrowRafts means more lives saved.

  • Auto inflates when submerged underwater.
  • Thrown fully inflated or packed 40+ feet.
  • Easily re-packed and re-armed.
  • Re-use multiple times.
  • 9x smaller than the ring buoy (packed).
  • 5x smaller than the square cushion (packed).
  • Compact. Fits in a backpack or ditch bag.
  • Back-up buoyancy for use with a life jacket.
  • Minimum Buoyancy 20 lbs (90N).
  • Highly visible in a search and rescue situation
  • Made in the USA

There are over 35 U.S. Coast Guard tests conducted to achieve and maintain ThrowRaft's TD2401 approval. Testing continuous in every manufacturing step to ensure each device exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements.

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