Foxfury Rugo Drone and Camera Light

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The FoxFury Rugo™ is a rugged go-anywhere lighting tool designed for a variety of uses including photo and video, drone visibility, search, and inspection. Four versions of the light allow users to select the appropriate light head and Power Pack combination that suits their needs. All Rugo™s have a rechargeable Quick Swap® Power Pack that lasts up to 6 hours and recharges in 2.5 hours via USB adaptor. These lights also feature a sliding Tri-Lens®, which allows the users to select between area, spot, and flood lighting. Rugo™s can mount to drones, cameras, light stands, and more. Each light comes with a ¼”-20 mount, cold shoe mount, and standard mount. Drone mounts and drone light bundles are available separately.


Key Features for All Rugos™:

  • Rechargeable Quick Swap™ Power Pack
    All Rugo™ lights have a rechargeable Quick Swap® Power Pack that provides 1 - 6 hours of light on a single charge and fully recharges via a USB adaptor in 2.5 hours. The R1 and RC have a standard Quick Swap® Power Pack with four modes: dim, low, medium, and high. The R1S and RCS have a Quick Swap® Power Pack with Strobe that also has four modes: low, medium, high, and strobe. The strobe mode meets FAA regulations for UAV night flights and anti-collision lighting. The Power Packs can be swapped out in seconds with no tools. Additional Power Packs are available as separate accessories to extend usage time.
  • Tri-Lens® Technology
    The Rugo™ Lights have three interchangeable lens settings, allowing the user to adapt to different uses:
    • Spot = 25° Best for distance. R1 and R1S have maximum operational distance of 100 ft (30 m). RC and RCS have maximum operational distance of 50 ft (15 m).
    • Area = 55° Best for mid-range. All lights have maximum operational distance of 30 ft (9 m).
    • Flood = 120° Best for close-up. All lights have maximum operational distance of 10 ft (3 m).
  • High CRI
    The Rugo™ RC and RCS have a CRI rating of 92, which displays color more accurately and naturally than other LED lights. This makes the RC and RCS a very useful tools for anyone that needs to see true-to-life colors including photographers, videographers, inspectors, medical professionals, and more.
  • Durability
    All Rugo™ lights have a rugged built-to-last design. They are impact resistant, meet NFPA fire resistant requirements, and can be decontaminated after use. The R1 and RC are fully submersible to 10 ft (3 m). The R1S and RCS are fully submersible to 60 ft (18 m). The Rugo™ lights are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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