LiAir V LiDAR Mapping System

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The LiAir V is a light-weighted UAV or sUAS-mounted LiDAR survey instrument designed and produced by GreenValley International (GVI). This system features a Livox Mid-40 laser scanner and it is one of the most cost-effective LiDAR system in GVI's LiAir Series. This lightweight 3D surveying and mapping payload was designed with DJI's M200, M210 RTK, M300 RTK and M600 Series platforms in mind. LiAir V is able to provide highly accurate 3D point cloud data and is a great fit for applications in a wide variety of industries including forestry.


Range Accuracy

 ± 2 cm

Scan Range

90 m @ 10% reflectance

130 m @ 20% reflectance

260 m @ 80% reflectance

System Accuracy

± 5 cm

POS System Performance

Attitude: 0.008° (1σ)

Azimuth: 0.038° (1σ)

Onboard Storage

128 GB

Ports Available


Weight (excl. battery )

1.0 kg

Dimensions (Main Unit)

125*70*116 mm

Route Planning Software

LiPlan (proprietary)

Acquisition/PP POS Software

LiAcquire web &

Field of View


Scan Rate

100,000 pts/s

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