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Introducing the IF1200, a Federally-compliant heavy-lift UAV platform made in the USA. Supporting 8 kg payloads and flight times up to 40 minutes, the IF1200 will soon be the new workhorse in your fleet. An open-system architecture gives users complete control over their aircraft, creating a complete solution for applications including: utility inspection, aerial surveying, public safety, and defense.


Having originally been developed for US Defense customers, the IF1200 maintains strict compliance to evolving US Government regulations regarding Chinese components. All development, production, and testing takes place at our California HQ and leverages domestically-sourced electronics.

Flexible Payload Architecture

The IF1200's Universal Payload Interface integrates with any auxiliary system that meets the size and weight requirements. With identical payload spacings to the M600, existing integrations can easily transfer to the IF1200 with minimal downtime. The ability to swap between sensors is a key advantage to the IF1200's airframe, from Lidar payloads to gimbaled sensors, swapping payloads has never been easier!

Key Features

  • Dedicated US-based technical support team is here to assist and reduce operational risk of any kind.
  • The IF1200 complies with the NDAA Section 848 and uses no Chinese electronics.
  • The IF1200 is rigorously tested to handle any real-world scenario that can occur during operation.
  • An open system architecture gives operators unmatched payload flexibility.

    Designed as a direct replacement to the DJI M600, the IF1200 offers commercial enterprises an increased level of ruggedness and reliability. See for yourself in our full comparison below:

    IF1200 VS M600
    8 kgs MAX PAYLOAD
    6 kgs
    40 min MAX ENDURANCE 38 min
    10 km SIGNAL RANGE 5 km


    In the Box

    • IF1200 Aircraft
    • IF1200 Travel Case
    • Tattu Battery (1600 or 2200 mAh)
    • Propellers (With 2 spares)
    • Jeti DS-12 Transmitter (With Mini USB, Charger)
    • Ground Station
    • Documentation


    DIMENSIONS 1445 x 1315 x 705 mm
    FLIGHT TIME 40 min
    MAX TAKEOFF WEIGHT 20.0 kg (44.0 lbs)
    MAX PAYLOAD WEIGHT 8.0 kg (17.6 lbs)
    WIND RESISTANCE Continuous - 10 m/s (19.4 knots) Gusts - 12 m/s (23.3 knots)
    MAX DRONE SPEED Ascent - 5 m/s (11.2 mph) Descent - 3 m/s (6.7 mph) Ground - 18 m/s (40.3 mph)
    OPERATING TEMPERATURES -10°C - 40°C (14°F - 104°F)
    OPERATING SOFTWARE PX4 (Modified Hexarotor 6001)

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