DJI Mavic Mini Version 1 and 2 : Bottom Strobe Light Kit Includes Strobe. (Updated design allows access to power button)

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Dale Ewart (Canada)
Great product.

Ample light provided in order to fly and see in no light environments. Durable construction and long lasting battery.

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Simple to mount bottom strobe light kit for the DJI Mavic Mini. This kit includes a Firehouse Technology Arc Strobe light with our updated custom mount made of flexible "Grey" PetG to match your aircraft that simply attaches to the bottom of the Mini without blocking the on/off button forcing you to remove and possible breaking the part ! Easy on off clip design! Landing pad skid protect light and your mini. Vented design no impact on flight times or dynamics! Large clip aides in removing without damage! Some "other" models clip on and block the power button, requiring you to turn the aircraft on before you attach light and again to change batteries, this one does not, and is sturdier to prevent the clips from breaking. This provides a simple way to maintain line of sight of your small aircraft. The mini in particular has no lighting on it and its small size makes it easy to lose as you fly downrange. This light allows pilot to quickly establish location by using one of the three Strobe light modes, Strobe, Flash or Fixed (steady), . Steady mode with our bottom mount allows indoor flights with light for your positioning sensor in dark rooms! Public Safety teams check our tactical light kit that comes with 3 lights for front and both sides. We also now have the new L.A.N.D Module that is a small alarm placed on the mini (or any aircraft) that if lost sounds an alarm and a small strobe to help you locate quickly.

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