DJI Agras MG-1P Four-Channel Smart Battery Charger for DJI MG-1S Adv/ 1P /1P RTK


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DJI Agricultural officially released a new charger for the MG-1S Advanced, MG-1P, MG-1P RTK series agricultural plant protection drones.

This charger combines the functions of a charger and a charging hub, and far exceeds the combination of MG-1S charger and MG-1S charging hub in charging efficiency.
The new charger has 4 charging channels and can connect 4 batteries simultaneously.
In slow charging mode, to charge a battery with 5% of remaining battery capacity, the combination of the previous charger and charging hub needs 330 minutes, while the MG-1P charger requires only 198 minutes, and the efficiency is as high as 1.6 times!

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