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Discover Drones Premium Packages contain all of the same great materials found in the Discover Drones Base Packages, plus an abundance of extras, including: premium tools, accessories, racing gates and flags, modular storage unit and more that make for the ultimate drone experience!

Premium Package - 7 Drones

Includes 7 drones, 7 pairs of FPV goggles, 7 radio controllers and all necessary components to get you flying!

Grades: 7-12
Students: Up to 21 (Student / Drone Ratio 3:1)
Contact Hours: 30+

Educator Guide:

The Discover Drones curriculum centers itself around a single, unified instructor resource: The Educator Guide. As the Rosetta Stone to classroom preparation, progression and facilitation, the Educator Guide is the handbook on becoming a drone ambassador and expert pilot. Housing instruction and guidelines for student, flight field and battery safety, as well as detailed resources for aiding students through the 20 cards of building, training, flying and real-world connectability, the Educator Guide provides instructors with the confidence and ability to dive into the STEM content and lesson plans with the same level of excitement as the pilots-to-be!

As the one-stop-shop on all safety guidelines, assessments and resources for explanation and facilitation, the Educator Guide is the instructor's roadmap to the future of drones.

Student Resources:

Discover Drones uses three student-driven curriculum pieces, LABCards, Droneology and FPV Freerider.


The LABCard approach is intended to provide a tool that enables a more student-directed experience. Educators are empowered to provide more facilitation, coaching and mentoring as students work independently and in their own fashion. Almost all learning environments, including after-school programs, clubs and a wide variety of classroom models, can utilize LABCard curriculum.

Each LABCard includes:

  • Two step-by-step projects that introduce new concepts and skills by guiding students through self-driven activities.
  • Two engaging challenges that take learners through the completion of Droneology, training on the flight simulator and the honing of their piloting skills.
  • A final design project that gives students an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in an open-ended way.
  • Key Terms are listed at the end of each card for reference.
  • Along the bottom of most cards is a Droneology checklist, listing videos to watch and quizzes to pass before moving onto the next card.
  • At the end of every level, an End Design Project challenges students to synthesize their learning with creativity, critical thinking and real-world relevance.

Curriculum Topics:


  • Essential Drone Knowledge
  • RubiQ Drone Construction
  • Wave Behavior and Electron Flow
  • Laws, Regulations and Coordinating Groups


  • Flight Simulator and Radio Controls
  • Radio and Flight Controller Configuration
  • Electrochemistry of LiPo Batteries
  • Ethics, Drones and the Future


  • Flight Safety
  • Line-of-Sight Piloting Skills
  • Motor and Sensor Calibration
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

BLUE Level 4: RACE

  • FPV Piloting Skills
  • Bernoulli’s Principle and Newton’s Third Law
  • Airfoils and Angle of Attack
  • Racer’s Mindset


Coupled with hands-on, experiential learning, Discover Drones also utilizes the online educational app, Droneology, a fast-paced, interactive online course that prepares pilots of all skill levels for safe and responsible drone entertainment. Droneology covers topics of safety, laws and regulations, flight basics and the many uses of drones! This digital course is optimized for use on mobile devices, allowing easy access from phones, tablets or computers, anytime, anywhere.

FPV Freerider:

FPV FreeRider is a top-of-the-line flight simulator for pilots-in-training. As a critical part of the Discover Drones curriculum, logging hours on the flight simulator allows students to hone their piloting skills without running the risk of crashing a real drone!

FPV Freerider is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.


Visit for configuration guides, troubleshooting, and instructional videos.

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