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Drones capture stunning aerial photography, save lives in modern day search and rescue missions, collect snot samples from whales for scientific research, inspect vast agricultural landscapes, survey crocodile-infested waters, thrill spectators in FPV racing, bring medical supplies to war-torn areas and deliver pizzas in New Zealand. The world has fallen in love with them, and we’re sure your students will too.

In Discover Drones, your learning environment will experience first-hand the world’s fastest-growing technology. Starting with collaborative learning and scaffolded lessons in engineering, iterative design and applied science, students begin by building RubiQ, their modular, open-source training drone. After learning the safety regulations and procedures surrounding unmanned aerial vehicles, they’ll then start with the basics of flight, first becoming comfortable on a training simulator before moving onto line-of-sight piloting. After mastering RubiQ’s controls, it’s time for students to don their First-Person View (FPV) goggles for multiple extensions, experiencing exactly what super-charged STEM is like.

Discover Drones utilizes the PCS Edventures cutting-edge curriculum, LABCards. The LABCard approach is intended to provide a tool that enables a more student-directed experience. Educators are empowered to provide more facilitation, coaching and mentoring as students work independently and in their own fashion. To keep interest piqued, each card includes a mix of different activities for learners to flow between. From whole group discussions and time for teams to work together on their drone to individual quizzes and flight simulator practice, every LABCard is unique, engaging and downright fun!

Coupled with hands-on, experiential learning, Discover Drones also utilizes the online educational app, Droneology, a fast-paced, interactive online course that prepares pilots of all skill levels for safe and responsible drone entertainment. Droneology covers topics of safety, laws and regulations, flight basics and the many uses of drones! This digital course is optimized for use on mobile devices, allowing easy access from phones, tablets or computers, anytime, anywhere.

From learning to building RubiQ to making death-defying aerial maneuvers, Discover Drones is the trailblazing educational tool your learning environment needs. Preparing students for the future of UAV’s and careers that haven’t even been invented, it’s time to take flight. Are you ready for high-flying education?

Classroom Base Package:

Includes 5 drones, 2 pairs of FPV goggles, 2 radio controllers and all necessary components to get you flying!

Grades: 7-12
Students: Up to 25
Contact Hours: 30+

Subject Targets:

Physical Science, Technology

Recommended Settings:

  • After-school programs
  • Tech Ed classrooms
  • Robotics clubs
  • Drone racing teams

Each Activity Includes:

  • Scaffolded Student LABCards
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Instructor Prep & Schedule
  • Step-by-Step Lesson Instructions
  • Topic Backgrounds & Assessments
  • Materials List

Curriculum Topics:


  • Essential Drone Knowledge
  • RubiQ Drone Construction
  • Wave Behavior and Electron Flow
  • Laws, Regulations and Coordinating Groups


  • Flight Simulator and Radio Controls
  • Radio and Flight Controller Configuration
  • Electrochemistry of LiPo Batteries
  • Ethics, Drones and the Future


  • Flight Safety
  • Line-of-Sight Piloting Skills
  • Motor and Sensor Calibration
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

BLUE Level 4: RACE

  • FPV Piloting Skills
  • Bernoulli’s Principle and Newton’s Third Law
  • Airfoils and Angle of Attack
  • Racer’s Mindset

One Great RUBiQ Drone, Four Package Options:

With four different Discover Drones packages to choose from, we have the drone program for your learning environment! For 10-25 students, Discover Drones Base packages offer a 2-drone Club Package and a 5-drone Classroom Package. If you're looking for an even more hands-on experience with a lower student-to-drone ratio, look no further than the Discover Drones Premium packages with 7-drone and 10-drone options.

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