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Like all of our “Elite” charging systems the EVO2 PRCS Elite will charge four EVO 2 Model XE3_7100 batteries simultaneously.

The average charging times are:

From an average of 15% discharge level to “Full Cut Off” (between 97% and 100% charged) = 71 min charging time on average.

Note: since the last 10% of charger takes about 20% of the total charge time we “short cycle” turning the charging process on and off after about 94% charge level until it is fully charged.

We also tested the Autel Model XA3_1320 charger at the same time as our EVO2 PRCS Elite.

It’s charging times were:

The average charge time for 1 Evo 2 Model XE3_7100 battery, from start (ave of 15% discharge level) to “Full Cut Off” (between 97% and 100% charged)  = 102 min on average.

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