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Airial Robotics GT25 Gyrotrak - The Versatile Gyro/Helicopter Hybrid UAV Solution Engineered for a Wide Range of Applications

The super versatile GT25 Gyrotrak is a super workhorse. An innovative gyro/helicopter hybrid UAV solution advancing flight time, payload, range and speed. The GT25 is built for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) due to its unique system safety, night flight, and all-weather capability, allowing for a wide range of applications and ensuring a higher level of operational readiness.

Key Features:

  • Limitless VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) and hovering
  • Up to 2hrs+ flight time
  • Up to 9kg+ mission payload
  • All weather and night flight capability
  • Autonomous autorotation landing
  • Multiple redundancies, CS-LURS certifiable
  • Built for BVLOS missions, 150km (90 miles) range
  • Sustainable operation, very low noise emissions
  • Fully customizable, available as 20 or 25kg MTOW
  • Single or dual main motor, full electric drive
  • Low maintenance and operation cost
  • Choice of encryption and communication

Super Versatile Super Workhorse

The GT25 Gyrotrak is stronger, faster, and more tenacious than multi-copters and, in contrast to a VTOL fixed wing start, can hover and land multiple times during one mission. From medical transport to gas line inspection, from extensive LiDAR-supported mapping to search & rescue missions, commercial drone missions now reach the next level with options for completely new use cases and applications.

All-Weather UAV

Even more impressive than the GT25's pure power is its incredibly high operational readiness. The Gyrotrak is a 24/7 all-weather UAV that defies winds up to 60 mph, and hot/wet weather conditions (IP65 water resistant). Even on a stormy night, the GT25 reaches its destination; a clear advantage for the GT25 operator.

Built for BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight)

Unlike traditional drones, the GT25 Gyrotrak was developed from the ground up for missions that take it beyond visual line of sight.

Autorotation Emergency Landing

In the unlikely event of a loss of power, the GT25 has the ability to fly to a pre-defined landing site and land autonomously. The emergency landing site distance can be up to 10 times the Gyrotrak’s altitude. With an altitude difference from flight level to the landing site of 400m, the landing site can be up to 4km away.

LiDAR Integration

The seamless integration of a LiDAR scanner, makes the GT25 Gyrotrak a perfect machine for large-scale mapping operations.

The Airial Robotics GT25 Gyrotrak - A Super Versatile Super Workhorse


    Aircraft Type:

    VTOL Gyrocopter

    Main Cell:

    CFK Monocoque

    Wind (incl. gust) and Rain:

    55kts (28m/s; 101 km/h)




    Empty Weight GT25:

    8.2kg/18lbs (Dual Motor)

    Speed Range:

    0-150km/h (0-93mph)

    Autopilot Certificates:

    NDAA Compliant




    2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, 4G (5G); Optional: 900Mhz, Satellite

    Further Options:

    Radar, LiDAR, Cameras (RGB/IR/MS), Cargo box, FPV, Search light, Position lights, Internest landing system, FLARM, UTM, ADS-B


    S:12S9P (6.2kg; 13.7lbs)

    M:12S12P (7.9kg; 17.4lbs)

    L:12S15P (9.5kg; 20.9lbs)

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