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Dual Lens: IR & Low Light RGB
The 1080p low light camera coupled withthe thermal imaging camera combineto capture IR and RGB for an overlayimage that is pixel-accurate. Large RGBsensor detects better detail in the darkthan the human eye, making it ideal forsurveillance


Hot-Swap Capable Payload

The E10T camera-gimbal combination may be swapped for an E90 or E50 cameragimbal combo without power cycling the airframe. The quick release and lock mechanism of the gimbal and airframe mounting system enables fast and effcient exchange of cameras.


Simultaneous Real-time View

Both images are simultaneously streamed live to the ST16S ground control station and can be separated
and viewed as picture-in-picture or as an overlay. IR and RGB are recorded simultaneously and are timecode correct for playback and edit. Temperature detection scale can be adjusted for focus on relevant areas.


Search & Rescue

The E10T is ideal for use in search and rescue missions due to its dual camera capability. The low light video camera can be used in daylight search and can be extended for use in pre-dawn/post-dusk and early
morning/late afternoon times when light is low or shadows are long. The thermal camera can be deployed day or night for easier detection of people or animals. And when a hot spot is detected, the E10T
temperature detection scale can be adjusted for focus on relevant search areas.


Building and Solar Inspection

Property owners and utility operators will appreciate the flexibility of the E10T dual camera system. The thermal camera on the E10T can be used to identify heating or cooling loss in a structure. It can also be
used to detect and locate malfunctioning solar panels on residential or commercial buildings as well as in solar farms, saving time and money as well as improving the safety of asset inspection.


Sensor Technology: Thermal Resolution: Pixel Size: Spectral Range: Effective Frame Rate: Sensitivity: Scene Range (High Gain): 100°CScene Range (Low Gain): Spot Meter: Image Optimization: uncooled VOx microbolometer320x256 or 640x51212 μm8-14 μm< 9Hz< 50 mK, @f/1.0640 × 512: -25°C to 135°C / 320 × 256:-25°C to-40°C to 550°C>98,5%, no clusters > 3x3YesDigital Detail Enhancement: YesPolarity Control (black hot/white hot): YesColor & Monochrome Palettes (LUTs): YesPhoto Format: Video Format: JPEG, TIFFMP4


Yuneec FLIR® Thermal Imaging and Low Light Camera E10T34 320x256 6.3mm F/1.0 34°

SKU: E10T34

1 - Yuneec E10T34 (320x256 4.3mm F/1.0 34°FOV) Thermal Camera

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