Our newest and most exciting DJI Matrice M210 case (photo shows M200) has the more accessories and sensor cavities of any our previous designs, all told 40 cavities. The big change with this new configuration is that we have added the Flir XT2, SlantRange 3PX, Sentera AGX710, Cendence with Patch Antenna. We specifically designed our case with support from DJI and enterprise dealers/users with experience in the field. With the expectancy of major mission differences, we have packed a ton of accessories into this case. The DJI-M210-XTS is the most compact configuration possible accommodating 6 camera/sensor options, up to 14 TB50s or 8 TB55s and 3 options for monitors. As always using the best quality cases by SKB and our signature water jet low abrasive soft cell polyethylene foam with the blue MDL cap for added durability. 

DJI Matrice 210 XTS Case

    • DJI Matrice
    • Landing Gear
    • Cendence Controller
    • Cendence Anteena
    • 14 TB50s / 6 TB55s (Including 2 on UAV)
    • Remove tabs to fit TB50 batteries
    • 2 iPads or CrystalSkys (7.85” or 5.5”)
    • Battery Chargers
    • Charger Cable
    • Charging Hub
    • Charging Cable Storage
    • Storage For 2 Props Sets
    • CrystalSky Batteries
    • X4s or X5s
    • X5 Lense case
    • Cendence Controller (Bottom Tray)
    • CrystalSky Battery Charger (Bottom Tray)
    • CrystalSky Batteries
    • Slantrange 3PX Sensor
    • 1 Z30 and 1 XT/XT2 or 1 Camera Box
    • Slantrange GPS with Mounting Bracket
    • Cendence Antenna (Bottom Tray)
    • Accessory Cavity
    • Water-jet precision cut with closed cell foam to resist water and dust infiltration.
    • Our custom foam is housed in a durable SKB military spec case used by military and industrial leaders.
    • Made in the USA, Shipped Worldwide
    • Industrial strength injection molded pull handle
    • In-line skate style wheels for easy transport
    • Padlock holes include stainless steel padlock protector clips
    • Waterproof and dust tight design (MIL-C-4150J)
    • Molded-in hinge for added protection
    • Trigger release latch system
    • Snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handle
    • Ambient pressure equalization valve (MIL-STD-648C)
    • Resistant to UV, solvents, corrosion, fungus (MIL-STD-810F)
    • Resistant to impact damage (MIL-STD-810F)
    • Lifetime replacement guarantee
    • Remember! - If it doesn't say GPC in the foam, it isn't guaranteed!

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