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DJI M600 Pro Drone for Radar Detection Research

Updated: Jan 15

The team at Empire Drone Company recently outfitted and delivered a DJI M600 Pro to C-Speed Engineering of Liverpool, NY. C-Speed, which is headquartered just outside of Syracuse designs, develops, and manufacturers custom radar solutions. C-Speed reached out to the drone experts at Empire Drone Company for help selecting the proper drone platform for their needs.

A DJI M600 Pro with X5R camera.

The Request

The engineers at C-Speed needed a robust, large, and long-lasting industrial drone for their radar research. The obvious choice was the DJI M600 Pro drone. The M600 Pro, with its light-weight carbon fiber body, has a flight time of up to 40 minutes without a payload. It's quick battery charger with an extra sets of batteries enables pilots to fly all day. On top of that, the retractable landing gear and expansion bay on the underside of the drone make the M600 Pro a great customizable drone for industrial applications. A GPC DJI Matrice 600 Case was included to protect the M600 Pro and accessories.

The Build

No M600 Pro comes ready-to-fly out of the box and requires either some assembly or customization. The drone and accessories were delivered to Empire Drone Company's office in Fulton, NY. Once everything was unboxed assembly began.

Out of the box DJI M600 Pro.

C-Speed requested a high resolution camera be installed on the under side of the drone. The specialists at Empire Drone Company recommended the DJI X5R with XT Gimbal. The XT Gimbal is used to attached the camera to the drone and dampens vibration and movement during flight. Installing the XT requires some disassembly and new wiring to the drone.

After the XT Gimbal and X5R camera were installed all firmware on the drone and camera were updated. This ensures that all components are properly communicating with one another and are a requirement for safe flight. Test flights then commenced. With everything working correctly the M600 Pro was ready for delivery to C-Speed.

DJI M600 Pro Test Flights.

The Delivery

The M600 Pro was packed for travel and brought to C-Speed. Once there, operational flight training was provided along with some on-site test flights. As an added benefit, Empire Drone left an AUTEL EVO with the folks at C-Speed to practice flying prior to operating the M600 Pro. The AUTEL EVO is not only a great camera drone, but also a fantastic trainer to help new drone pilots get their feet wet before stepping into larger drones. Hopefully the DJIM600 Pro will help C-Speed with their radar research for many years to come.

M600 Pro on site at C-Speed Engineering.

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