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MicaSense's Mission

We help agriculture specialists and companies make the right decisions for their fields.


Whether you’re providing advice for dozens of farms across half a continent or trying to keep your own crops as healthy and predictable as possible, we can help.


We’re experts at agricultural drone sensors and data analysis, and we’re dedicated not only to offering the tools for precision farming but the practical know-how too.


We’re not here to sweep in and save the day, telling you how to do your job.You don’t need that.We’re here to be your partners, to listen to what you need, and to develop solutions that can help make your life—and your work—easier.


Because we’re experts at what we do, and so are our customers

 MicaSense creates drone   based sensors for agriculture. 

 They are scientific, simple to   use, and made in the USA. 

MicaSense sensors are helping...

Researchers conduct phenotyping studies, establish optimum methods for fertilization, validate new precision agriculture practices.

Service providers generate RGB and the full spectrum of crop health analytics in one flight. Know that your sensor will work no matter how hot it is.

Questions about a product?

Our drone specialists can help you find the right drone platforms, accessories, and gear for any application.

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